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By | 30 January 2021

Why Miami Is The Next Hot Tech Hub: This Is Not A Retirement Decision

As more entrepreneurs and investors relocate from traditional tech hubs to emerging startup ecosystems, Miami—with its tropical climate, diverse population and lack of state income tax—has suddenly become a tech hot spot. Cliquez ici

By | 25 December 2019

Focus on the year 2019

NETVA 2019: 15 French high-tech startups get ready for the United States! July 17 The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and its partners have selected 15 young innovative French startups to participate in the 2019 edition of the...

By | 22 December 2018

Focus on the year 2018

Launch of NETVA 2018: a training program that provides exposure to the North-American market for early-stage, innovative deep tech startups.  March 15, 2018 The NETVA program (New Technology Venture Accelerator) provides French early-stage, innovative deep tech startups with a customized support...