Alumni 2019

“Beyond the potential for meetings and partnerships that could be decisive, the immersion week will allow the winners to better understand the American ecosystem, thus optimizing the chances of successful development in the United States.”

"The program allowed us to be get in touch with people who would not have taken the time to meet French startups. The density of the program allows and obliges to quickly capitalize on the advice."

"The United States market is essential for projects like ours because the French domestic market is not sufficient. Going there gave a new dimension to our development prospects."

"NETVA is a great opportunity to discover an American ecosystem in particular, while learning about the business practices of Americans in general. It is also an excellent way to test your offer and check which elements of added value would particularly motivate American customers to use it."

"The meetings were relevant and led to real opportunities for contracts/partnerships. The NETVA program is essential for a French startup wishing to settle in the United States."

"The immersion week made it possible to participate in quality meetings, to pitch regularly and to attend qualitative presentations. All the projections that one can make, even having been there, are not worth the lived experience."

"This week of immersion allowed very instructive encounters, in a “fast learning” program. The meetings during this week of immersion were very qualitative, and the rhythm of the meetings very steady. NETVA is the best way to have access to quality people, who might not have received you if you tried to contact them directly."

"This week of immersion made it possible to discover the American environment and to better understand it."

"The NETVA program makes it possible to obtain qualitative personalized meetings with relevant contacts, identified by the local teams. The NETVA program makes it possible to define what stage of development a startup must reach for an installation in the USA, and puts ideas and orders of magnitude in mind for future American development."

"The program makes it possible to meet relevant people within large companies in the fields of the winning startups."

"Going through the United States or Boston is an essential step, which allows you to establish a real battle plan. Going through the embassy allows you to meet people who would not have taken the time to know a French startup."