Laureates 2023

To be announced soon !

Firecell develops and distributes the first open source 4G and 5G software suite enabling manufacturers to deploy and operate private networks in their factories and industrial sites.

MecaBotiX develops innovative robots that can work alone (mono-robot) or in a group (poly-robot), self-adapting to the task according to its complexity, required workspace and payload to manipulate.

InSpek develops a chemical detection system based on optical microchips that allows better characterisation of (bio)chemical reactions to accelerate process development and reduce production errors in many industries.

Myotact develops a medical device that addresses phantom limb pain.  It allows the acquisition of muscle activity coupled with vibro-tactile feedback while translating this activity into virtual movements. 

Chipiron is developing a new generation of low magnetic field MRI machines to overcome the constraints of conventional MRI machines.

Predicting Med provides diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic services for personalized medicine. The company is the creator of the Pancreas View molecular test, which delivers prognosis and theranostics in pancreatic cancers.

Welinq provides a high-performance Quantum Memory to deploy their hardware-agnostic and fullstack Quantum Links solution in order to interconnect multiple Quantum Processing Units.

Revival Bionics develops and plans to commercialize active prostheses and orthoses for lower limb amputees and paralyzed people.

Twinical is  developing a new paradigm for soft-tissue surgical planning and navigation. Their technology combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality for digitally-enhanced visual guidance during the operations.

PaIRe develops an AI tool for nuclear physicians that improves productivity by discharging physicians of time consuming tasks without added value, reduces variance in measurements, gives a second opinion, and gives access to new indicators.

Aken Medical develops the next-generation of personalized and adaptive radiotherapy for treating solid cancer tumors. The proposed therapies seek to improve the effectiveness of alpha therapy and reduce its side effects.

Austral Dx develops the first medical device using airborne ultrasound for the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of cardiac and pulmonary pathologies in acute or chronic situations.

Ochy is an app that uses video and AI to help people of all levels to maximize their potential by bringing lab-quality biomechanics analysis in their pocket so they can evaluate their technique whenever and wherever they want.

Safehear is a company that develops acoustic technologies and manufactures products in the field of employee protection and notably sound protection. Their solution is designed for people working in a noisy environment (up to 100 dB) and needing to communicate.

XmBauble develops XmART: a unique and secure digital identity for any physical art object that, thanks to an innovative technological process, allows the authentication of art pieces and their traceability.

Astran (ex Astrachain) develops a new software solution unlocking your cloud adoption without compromising data confidentiality, security and compliance. 

Bfore.Ai  develops AI algorithms that predict malicious domain lists, before they become active – helping companies defend from future attacks before they even get acted.

Snowpack develops a technology that allows their customers to use public Internet networks to send their data in a fully anonymized and secured way.

ADAXIS, aiming to accelerate the adoption of robotic manufacturing processes by making them more accessible, competitive and sustainable for every industry. Their software transforms any industrial robot into a large-scale flexible 3D printer for metals, polymers, composites and concrete. 

VIDETICS, designing video analysis tools using Artificial Intelligence through software solutions specific to the world of security. Their software helps to identify and highlight visual elements for decision making and allows you to fully control your intelligent video analytics installation and how it communicates with your entire security infrastructure from any device.

ARTERYA, developing the Blood’Up medical device that helps caregivers to collect blood samples from patients. It significantly reduces handling failures by highlighting the artery instantly with a laser system and thus makes the work of the nursing staff easier.

BIOPHTA, aiming to radically improve ocular treatments for many diseases involving daily treatments or repeated intraocular injections. The dry mini-tablets self-applied by the patients instantly gel and unfold on the surface of the eyes to release a low, controlled dose of medication over a one-week period, improving treatment efficiency and effectiveness.  

MEXBRAIN, developing an ultra-chelating biopolymer (i.e. capable of capturing metals) that is used in combination with dialysis. The combination of the two technologies provides a very effective non-toxic solution to remove metals from the human body and restore the metal homeostasis.

ELICIR, aiming to replace the traditional pesticides and fertilizers by a plant-based product used in the field of biological control for agriculture, forestry or domestic gardening in order to improve plant growth and resistance to pathogens such as bacteria, fungi or viruses.

SAMP, proposing a new approach to generate portals of industrial sites that serve as models for the digital transformation of these facilities. Their platform hosts a reliable 3D model of the facility (digital twin), accessible at any time by all stakeholders interacting with the facility to plan and execute all maintenance activities.

EPILAB, developing the first portable, easy to use, fast and cheap diagnostic kit for tuberculosis diagnosis designed to test the 4 million undetected cases of tuberculosis each year in developing countries. The tests can be deployed in remote areas, are operator independent and provide results in less than two hours. 

SIEMPER, aiming to improve the management of female pelvic pathologies to improve the health and quality of life of patients. They are developing surgical decision support tools for clinicians, based on the analysis of medical images, to allow a personalized and more efficient management of patients. 

SUPERBRANCHE, an imaging, diagnostic and therapeutic company with a platform for the development of magnetic nanoparticles used to monitor the effectiveness of cell therapy and the destruction of tumors by hyperthermal treatment. It aims to improve the quality of life of patients by providing diagnostic and therapeutic tools with reduced side effects.

BIOMEMORY, applying synthetic biology to develop cost-effective and sustainable DNA storage technologies that do not rely on petroleum-based chemistry. Their technology has unlimited capacity, allows DNA copying, synthesis and editing at very low cost. The startup proposes to make DNA data storage a reality.

C12 QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, developing the new hardware innovation for quantum computing. By combining the power of an ultra-pure material with an easy-to-fabricate semiconductor device, they have developed a carbon nanotube-based technology that combines speed, connectivity, coherence and scalability for better computing performance. 

SCIENTA LAB, harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to the greatest challenges in immunology today. With data sets, machine learning and scientific collaborations, they are building a library of predictive algorithms in autoimmune diseases to identify patient subgroups, predict patient prognosis and treatment efficiency. 

ALTRANS ENERGY, developing a quantum-inspired artificial intelligence module for continuous monitoring of electrical networks and precise location of faults in electrical networks. The early detection of failures in electrical networks allows to reduce power outages and maintain the security of energy supply, which is vital for all economic activities.

LIXO, developing tools for waste management companies to facilitate waste recovery. Their technology uses AI-based computer vision and image recognition software to analyze waste streams and increase efficiency, transparency and traceability in waste management. 

DIAGNOLY is developing an intelligent software platform to improve prenatal diagnoses and simplify therapeutic decision-making during obstetric ultrasounds.

CERES BRAIN Therapeutics is developing an innovative drug, a nasally administered creatine ester, to treat a genetic autistic syndrome: creatine transporter deficiency syndrome (CTD).

Pasqal develops a programmable quantum simulator from networks of neutral atoms controlled with optical tweezers. provides in real time, at high frequency and with an accuracy close to the centimeter, a wide range of water parameters for hydrological monitoring and population alert, using non-invasive remote sensing instruments inspired by the satellite altimetry.

MT-act is developing a new drug candidate, combining a neuroprotective active substance combined with a device allowing controlled release into the fundus for the treatment of patients with “normal tension glaucoma”.

AVATAR MEDICAL offers surgeons an immersive and interactive visualization, in virtual reality, of 3D medical images of their patients allowing a quick and intuitive preparation of operations.

Qfluidics is developing a pump for the bio-pharmaceutical production market (living cells for the production of bio-drugs.

CryptoNext Security offers a cryptographic library that combines the best of current cryptography standards with new algorithms resistant to quantum computing.

Hemerion relies on the combination of a photosensitizing agent and laser light to allow the destruction of cancer cells in areas of the brain inaccessible to surgery.

Luos provides technology for developers to create their own embedded microservices and use CICD methodology for embedded systems and electronics development.

Embodme designs expressive electronic musical interfaces and instruments based on a unique patented technology, centered around the modeling and recognition of gesture and touch.

SeaBeLife is a biopharmaceutical company that dedicates its innovative approaches to emergency medicine, intensive care units and oncology through the development of new drug candidates.

NavAlgo/Pathway enables companies to achieve operational excellence by leveraging their unstructured data with a SaaS, AI-powered B2B analytics engine.

Sonio develops decision support software based on Artificial Intelligence for fetal ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis that guides the practitioner in real time during the examination in order to secure the practice and minimize diagnostic errors.

Inarix is ​​revolutionizing the measurement of cereal harvest quality by using artificial intelligence through the use of image processing and the development of a data collection and processing platform.

AgenT-Biotech combines 10 years of academic research on neuroscience and artificial intelligence to develop the first blood diagnostics to detect Alzheimer’s disease up to 20 years before the onset of irreversible symptoms.

Carbon Waters develops biodegradable protective additives for coatings targeting transportation, aerospace, energy, infrastructure and marine industries.

CERTIS Therapeutics develops MRI guidance solutions for minimally invasive therapies to drastically improve patient outcomes during thermal tissue ablation (cardiology, oncology and neurology).

Deepsense/Unissey is developing a SaaS solution for biometric authentication by facial recognition, made more reliable by passive liveness detection algorithms, compatible with any device and detecting advanced fraud attempts (photos, videos, masks).

Grapheal presents a wearable patch for continuous remote monitoring of wounds. This technology combines new materials, integrated wireless electronics, data analytics and IoT technologies to monitor chronic wounds and provide alerts in the event of infection.

Hewel S.A.S. promotes with ImVisio, the first digital immersive microscope dedicated to routine diagnostics, the convergence between current work processes used in pathology (optical microscopy) and Digital Pathology.

Kiro enables medical biology laboratories to improve the care pathway experience thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

PowerUp is a French start-up, spin-off of CEA-Liten, offering solutions for optimizing the performance and lifespan of Lithium-Ion batteries in order to limit their economic and ecological impact.

SPARTHA Medical is an INSERM company developing antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory coatings for a wide range of medical devices (implants, dressings, surgical materials, etc.).

SurgAR helps increase the efficiency of surgical procedures through software that combines computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques to provide the first functional real-time augmented reality system on a mobile organ.

Vaxxel is developing the first live attenuated, multivalent vaccine against human metapneumovirus and RSV, administered intranasally.

VeriQloud is a startup specializing in quantum communication. It offers a quantum cybersecurity solution optimized for local and metropolitan scale infrastructures.

Wise-integration develops integration solutions based on integrated circuits in GaN technology to miniaturize power supplies.

Amiral Technologies develops and markets blind failure prediction software for IoT-enabled equipment, creating a new scientific method to extract health indicators from industrial time series.

Augmented Endoscopy is a start-up based on artificial intelligence in the context of digestive endoscopy. It allows, via a plug-play module, to assist the gastroenterologist in the diagnosis and characterization of lesions.

Braintale offers hospitals a decision support solution based on expert analysis of brain MRI examinations in comatose patients in intensive care.

ByStamp allows, thanks to an original system, the identification, authentication, and traceability of documents on all smartphones or tablets, even without a network connection.

Cyprio has developed breakthrough 3D cell culture technology enabling the fabrication of more physiological three-dimensional cell models for drug efficacy and toxicity screening, basic research and cell therapy.

Dilepix provides agricultural producers with a B2C software platform for agronomic image and video analysis that automates crop and livestock monitoring.

Divincell is a bio-pharmaceutical nanomedicine company, pioneering new drug delivery technology for the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases.

Gleamer is developing an AI-powered workstation to improve the accuracy and productivity of radiologists, using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to quickly detect abnormalities.

Greenerwave simplifies communication infrastructures and develops flat panel antennas for satellite and RFID communication solutions for retail and industry 4.0!

KAER LABS designs, manufactures and markets optical imaging systems for the research community in the fields of pharmaceutical research and medical research.

Oenotropic Innovation develops plant extracts for oenological and brewing applications and supports alcoholic beverage producers in the development of new products.

PrediSurge is a software company that develops innovative technological solutions based on advanced digital simulation in the field of cardiovascular interventions.

Tortoise puts data science at the service of industry to explain and eradicate mechanical failures.

TreeFrog Therapeutics is a stem cell company committed to enabling millions of patients to access cell therapies through C-Stem, a scalable 3D solution that dramatically reduces treatment costs.

Wattson Elements/Falco is developing an IoT solution, Falco, providing real-time information and optimizing berth occupancy in marinas or offering 24-hour monitoring services.

Ktalyse SAS/Kognitif develops and markets three connected products. KOGNITIF© is a medical device intended to improve the cognitive functions of Alzheimer’s patients through the use of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Serious Games.

Diabeloop is a French start-up that is developing a revolutionary artificial pancreas (closed loop) to restore the living comfort of diabetic patients by improving the management of their disease and reducing the risk of hypo/hyperglycemia.

Hyperlex is a contract management and analytics solution leveraging artificial intelligence to help businesses manage their legal/procurement/trade commitments more efficiently and with confidence.

Iktos develops artificial intelligence solutions to help design new molecules and in particular new drugs using proprietary technology for automatic molecule generation.

Internest has developed an autonomous and precise landing system for drones and helicopters. The Internest embedded system is operational in the most complex environments.

Japet Medical Device is a biomedical company developing robotic medical devices for rehabilitation. Its first device, Atlas, is the first exoskeleton intended for the treatment of back pain.

LATTICE MEDICAL, in partnership with the University Hospital of Lille, has developed the MATTISSE technology, the first cellular regeneration prosthesis for natural, personalized breast reconstruction in a single surgery.

Nestwave develops an innovative geolocation technology and solution for the IoT, at low cost, low speed, and which works indoors and outdoors. The solution is hybrid GPS – 4G.

Powerpeps offers edible energy gels for the runner and without packaging, in order to limit waste during races.

Skipper NDT secures 1.5 million km of oil & gas pipelines that cannot be inspected by traditional methods. Protecting people, the environment and infrastructure.

SmartCatch develops three-dimensional micrometric landing nets for the capture of circulating tumor cells directly in the blood, in the context of personalized medicine.

Tiamat is the leader in sodium-ion power batteries.

TissueAegis is a biomedical start-up developing medical devices for the transport and preservation of human tissues with complete and real-time quality control. The first application concerns the corneas.

WiseBIM develops software to automatically generate 3D digital models of buildings from existing 2D plans. This technology is unique because it automates work that was previously done manually.

InSimo develops medical simulation software allowing surgeons to learn about virtual anatomy. Biomechanical modeling makes it possible to reproduce the realism of organs and interactions as in a real operation.

Ekinnox develops and markets a medical device for the quantified and visual analysis of human movement for gait rehabilitation.

Innorevia develops automated instruments for biological analysis. These automatons use breakthrough technologies (microtechnologies and microfluidic systems), developed by a team of researchers from the Institut Curie, to miniaturize biochemical reactions.

Solen has developed a unique technology in the world to measure and calculate the natural light of a home before its sale / rental.

Accelad develops Raphton Analyzer which is a software assistant for early detection of failures.

Airthium develops a new type of electric battery based on compressed air energy storage.

Alkion BioInnovations develops a new innovative industrial process to produce natural food additives, natural flavors, essential oils and biopesticides.

CarThera designs and develops innovative medical devices using the therapeutic potential of ultrasound to significantly improve the efficacy, comfort, and cost of treating a range of medical conditions.

Cell Constraint & Cancer develops disruptive innovation in oncology to change the phenotype of cancer tissues.

Diabeloop develops an artificial pancreas to fight type 1 diabetes.

Dynacure is developing new treatments for patients affected by serious orphan disorders, for certain neuromuscular diseases.

Earthcube/Preligens enables global monitoring of ones’ activities and environment, and increases satellite and airborne imagery accessibility thanks to the latest artificial intelligence developments.

iExec is developing a blockchain-based, fully distributed cloud computing platform.

Innopain develops an alternative to morphine and opiates for acute and chronic severe pain treatment.

Irisiome is developing a new generation of all fibered tunable lasers aiming at offering an effective alternative to large footprint scientific lasers.

LightOn develops optics based hardware for Machine Learning. is developing an ergonomic cryptography software editor.

MilliDrop designs and develops cell culture machines based on millifluidics technology for bacteriological research and diagnosis purposes.

NFC-Interactive/Preditic designs and develops interactive digital solutions for the industrial and services (retail, events,etc) sectors.

Op2Lysis develops a medical treatment designed to remove the hematoma formed in the brain in patients with a hemorrhagic stroke.

ORFEA Acoustique Développement develops Silent Space, a sound masking technology to limit obtrusive noise in open plan workspace.

Scortex provides a smart visual inspection solution as a service for manufacturing.

Uwinloc provides a disruptive localization solution based on battery-less low-cost tags suited for volume asset tracking.

Vaonis designs and develops the world’s first innovative telescopes that are easy to use and controllable from a smartphone or tablet.

Affilogic is a privately-owned biotech company specialized in discovery and development of a novel class of affinity proteins called Nanofitins®.

Anatoscope develops software solutions to automatically build and simulate 3D digital avatars based on medical images of patients.

ArtEffect/MinuitUne produces next generation lightings for shows, which reinvent the use of laser for concerts, events and broadcasts.

Auxivia develops intelligent services improving caregiving quality for elderly people whom are being less autonomous.

Bee Angels develops a connected beehive which allows a non-intrusive control of bees and its production.

BoneTag develops an electronic device to enhance surgical knee arthroplasties.

Cyclopus develops miniature 3D cameras for mobile and consumer electronics manufacturers. These cameras allow users to simply shoot 3D movies, and can also be used for augmented / virtual reality applications and 3D scanning.

DreamQuark develops artificial intelligence solutions dedicated to healthcare and insurance, building on the most recent advances in machine-learning.

DTA Medical/VistaCare is developing an innovative medical device for wound isolation and contactless therapy.

Equisense develops a connected device designed to help riders to take care of well-being and track performance of their horses.

Genoskin provides the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry with a new generation of human skin models and assays for dermatological testing.

HydroQuest produces robust and operational hydrokinetic solutions for electricity producers all around the world.

Instent/Sensome develops a breakthrough remote monitoring technology that can turn invasive vascular medical devices into connected healthcare devices.

Makitoo provides a technology enabling anyone to track every user action on a single intuitive interface, without writing code.

Novagray is developing a new generation of companion diagnostic tests aimed at improving radiation therapy planning.

Pixyl delivers quantitative neuroimaging biomarker extraction for improved insight and decision-making in clinical studies.

Regaind helps businesses and developers deal with massive flows of images by using state-of- the-art artificial intelligence to analyze and sort them.

SecludIT provides security services and software to help to secure infrastructures and data, Web and e-commerce sites.

Therapixel makes touchless image navigation system designed for operating theaters: interventional radiology or surgery.

Tongue Laboratory develops and markets innovative medical device for tongue re-education: the TRP (Tongue Right Place).

UPMEM designs processors and integrates them on DRAM chips in order to boost data intensive (big data) application in the data center.

UrbanLeaf designs indoor aquaponic gardens to produce fruits, vegetables and fish.

Wandercraft aims to develop an innovative exoskeleton, intuitive and easy to use, for the disabled.

Active Asset Allocation is an investment solution designer providing institutional investors, pension funds and asset managers with customized models based on a unique asset allocation methodology, to regularly and automatically evaluate and adjust their investment risks to meet short-term constraints and long-term goals.

Algama with the product Springwave, is the first naturally regenerating aquadrink with magnesium and vitamin-rich spirulina that has healthy benefits for the body and mind.

Bloomizon is the first customized vitamin program for living longer, in better health and with more healthy energy every day.

DAMAE Medical solves a major healthcare issue with an innovative instrument providing dermatologists with a new in vivo imaging technique capable of producing images similar to histology images without the need for skin tissue excision.

Blue Poppies has developed Cocolico, an innovative approach to the children’s clothing market using online and in-store configuration tools to produce and sell children’s clothing that is adapted to the tastes and needs of customers at international stores.

EHTech cuts water heater energy costs threefold by recovering heat from shower waste water.

Idexlab’s platform is a kind of “dating service” dedicated to innovation, allowing innovative companies and top experts to find each other.

XRware offers a suite of software for all X-RAY systems’ needs from simulation to visualization.

Kemiwatt (formerly Ionwatt) has developed an innovative redox battery technology for the global market of stationary electricity storage.

VProject has developed “Mr. Gabriel”, the first personal safety application designed specifically for the Apple Watch, with the bold ambition to save lives by leveraging wearable sensor technology and real-time data.

XtremLogic is an innovative startup that offers computing solutions using dedicated reconfigurable circuits up to 50 times more efficient than existing systems for the analytical, oil and finance markets.

Albedo is a service company offering simulations of international UN conferences about climate and energy transition. Serious Game is made for policy makers, companies, NGOs , students, and more globally for every citizen.

BeAm aims to transform the business of industrial manufacturing using 3D printing to create shorter more cost-effective manufacturing, maintenance and repairs as well as to enable experimentation and product development.

Efficiencia offers a software platform for businesses, governments or communities to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency measures fitted to their buildings and their uses.

Numalis offers a software platform for businesses, governments or communities to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency measures fitted to their buildings and their uses.

KininX is a leading company in the healthcare industry with a unique worldwide expertise in the field of kinin-induced angioedema. KininX is that is the first company to provide a diagnostic solution for this inflammatory disorder.

Neolys Diagnostics is developing and commercializing in-vitro diagnostics for radiotherapy. Their determination of patient/tumor radiosensitivity allows radiation oncologists to minimize patient side effects and to improve treatment efficacy

Tetrane is the publisher of a software analysis solution, intended for military and civilian cyber security experts, to help them find, understand and fix software bugs at the processor level.

aPSI3D designs, manufactures and sells, addressing fast growth markets, an innovative generation of power die packaging, far more compact et less inductive.

Mathym is a young nanotechnology start-up dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative colloidal solutions.

Delair-Tech offers discreet, safe and reactive aerial observation solutions designed for the Oil & Gas industry and the utilities.

Klearia develops innovative sensors based on Lab-On-A-Chip for real time monitoring traces of pollutants to optimize treatment in water.

Stilla Technologies offers instruments for high resolution genetic analysis that allows researchers and clinicians to reveal life changing details in their samples.

Adionics created a new technology to desalinate any salty water (included seawater) and to democratize access to desalination.

Emosis is focusing on the development and commercialization of an unparalleled in vitro diagnostic system, to routinely diagnose and assess hemostasis disorders.

NAWATechnologies develops and industrializes a new generation of ultra-capacitors.

Prodontis/Willo has developed a connected medical device providing an automated tooth cleaning in order to treat periodontal disease.

SurgiMab’s goal is to provide oncology surgeons with an intraoperative surgical assistance technique that will allow them to visualize infra-clinical size tumors invisible to their naked eyes during surgery.

Amerigo Capital Analytics provides innovative algorithms that allow institutional investors to value complex mortgage real-estate investment trusts and measure their fundamental risks.

CreaWave delivers vocal messages and interfaces that perfectly imitate human voice.

FlightWatching created an innovative piece of web-based software that links with aircraft ACARS data which transform into animated schematics to track, troubleshoot or predict aircraft failures.

Gaia Transparence presents financial institutions with an open-source platform for integrated trading, risk, and processing for financial products, natively offering transparency that achieves standardization and reduces costs through mutualization.

Systheia has developed innovative, reliable, and modular miniaturized imaging solutions for harsh environments, for applications in space and the nuclear industry.

Idova conducts research and develops systems improving the security and the independence of deaf and hard of hearing people.

Facten provides Lead discovery and management as-a-service for small B2B tech companies.

KoDe is a full and disruptive database management system which is able to preserve linear performance according to data volume.

Evolution Energie provides software solutions to help its customers monitor, analyze and predict their energy costs.

Calixar helps pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies as well as academic life sciences organizations to preserve and resolve the native structure of membrane proteins targets for improving the performance and reliability of drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools.

TrustInSoft is a software publisher proposing innovative solutions for software security against cyber threats.

BIOptimize provides knowledge extraction from scientific data, for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetic R&D centers.

Exoès has developed a revolutionary 15% fuel savings technology for cars & trucks with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of the market.

Unitag offers a comprehensive mobile marketing platform which allows professionals to become independent from their regular web agency for their communication on mobile devices.

Crystal Device Technology brings high miniaturization of micro components based on very high coefficients smart materials.

Shortways develops a virtual assistant software to make company data more reliable and save on users support costs.

Seclab provides cutting edge cyber security solutions for critical infrastructures.

Predinat/Baby Progress develops childbirth simulation technology to facilitate the choice of childbirth conditions for parents and doctors.

Avenisense designs and manufactures embedded micro-sensors for instant analysis of fluids. 

Cornis puts in place systems for monitoring and analyzing the state of operation of wind turbines, with expertise from aerospace. 

Osseomatrix designs and produces custom bioceramic implants to compensate for the loss of critical size bone, cranio-maxillofacial and orthopedic. 

Pacifa Decision implements management systems in security in stadiums and similar sites. 

PlugMed offers a technology used to transfer electricity to ventricular assistance devices and artificial hearts, for permanent implants in the human body. 

Qualisteo specializes in measurement systems and management of detailed electrical consumption in buildings, and developed a DataLogger, Lynx. 

Repropharm offers a range of products for the reproduction of farm animals, as part of a process of sustainable agriculture. 

Restlet platform provides developers using APIs with a comprehensive, well-integrated set of capabilities to Create, Test and Run APIs in the cloud, easily and quickly. 

Réuniwatt offers innovative solutions to meet the challenges posed by the use of renewable energy and energy optimization in general. 

Solidages mission is to improve the oral health and nutrition by placing on the market dietary supplements supported by clinical studies.

BF Systèmes/Azoth Systems develops and markets innovative technology for measuring in real time the oxygen level in the blood.

Synthelis is a specialist in the production, purification and characterization of personalized membrane proteins, key molecules for the development of new drugs and vaccines.

SûretéGlobale.Org develops and markets management tools for territorial risks, statistical analysis, forecasting tools and evaluation systems and decision support.

Blue Industry & Science develops and markets systems for measuring the quality of indoor air, based on the principle of infrared spectrometry.

GMP Orphan designs, develops and records orphan drugs, primarily in pediatrics.

Didhaptic creates comprehensive training platforms in the health professions, particularly concentrating on those where the actual scenario may be dangerous, expensive or technically impossible.

3DTV Solutions is an expert in engineering real and virtual 3D-relief, visible without glasses.

Axenis uses humanized mouse models as models for preclinical immunology and vaccinology.

Phycosource is an expert in the high output production of microalgae strains for pharmacologic and cosmetic tests