The Service for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States carries the NETVA program. It ensures, in connection with its partner the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and its sponsor Bpifrance, the organization of the competition, the selection and the reception of the candidates.

NETVA is aimed at young French innovative technology startups, in all fields, originating from or backed by research laboratories and who intend to develop in North America. Only innovative companies carrying high technologies and still at the start-up or very small business stage are concerned by this program.

Eligibility Criteria:

– French startup or SME;

– Annual income inferior to €2 million;

– Less than 15 employees ;

– Year of creation between 2016 and 2021.

Selection criteria :

– Highly innovative and/or technological aspect of the products;

– Skills and motivation of the entrepreneur;

– Quality of the team;

– Need to approach the North American market;

– Added value of the program in relation to the company’s development project;

– Business growth potential;

– Adequacy between the sector of activity of startups and the respective strengths of open ecosystems.

Non-selection criteria

NETVA does not assist companies that have already approached the North American market, that is to say, companies that already have a proven commercial activity there. The program is not focused on business development in the USA.

Is the NETVA program for you?

– Your product has a strong scientific and technological content

– Your product is not at a pure commercialization stage with no prospect of R&D development: projects at the concept and prototype stage will be preferred

– Your expectations towards the NETVA program are not essentially commercial, but focus on the establishment of partnerships – in particular R&D – and the search for potential investors and contacts

– You are motivated by the discovery of an ultra-stimulating North American ecosystem that will accelerate the development of your business internationally

– Your development potential in the United States is significant because your sector is buoyant (no niche market that is too restricted or diffuse)

– If you already have a large network of contacts in the United States, the NETVA program may not be suitable for you: other programs exist to help you.