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NETVA 2019: 15 French high-tech startups get ready for the United States!
July 17

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and its partners have selected 15 young innovative French startups to participate in the 2019 edition of the Deeptech North America – NETVA program, which offers personalized support to familiarize themselves with innovative North American ecosystems.

As a first step, the NETVA’19 laureates took part in a seminar on June 18-20, at Bpifrance’s premises, to prepare them to conquer American markets. During this seminar, organized by the Science and Technology Service of the French Embassy in the United States, French and American experts gave presentations, enabling French entrepreneurs and innovation players to gain a better understanding of the specific features of innovative North American ecosystems.

From November 4 to 9, they will take part in an immersion stay in one of the 5 most dynamic ecosystems in the United States: the Northeast Coast (Boston), the Silicon Valley (San Francisco), Washington D.C., the Great Lakes region (Chicago) and Texas (Houston). During this stay, entrepreneurs will participate in seminars to confront their business model to the North American reality, one-on-one meetings with key players in their field of activity and will be invited to participate in events allowing them to highlight their project.

This tenth edition of the NETVA program, which is supported by Bpifrance, sees the opening of the ecosystems of the Texas and Great Lakes regions. It is aimed at early-stage projects in the fields of artificial intelligence applied to health and the industry of the future, without neglecting the support of original projects in other fields.

List of NETVA 2019 laureates

Augmented Endoscopy allows, through a plug-play module, to assist the gastroenterologist in the diagnosis and charaterization of lesions.

BrainTale develops innovative SaaS solutions of advanced brain MRI analysis to predict long-term recovery in comatose patients

ByStamp is a unique experience in identification, authentification, traceability, using device with a private ket to sign documents on all smartphones or tablets, also without a network connection.

Cyprio has developed a break-trhough 3D cell culture technology, “BioPearl”, that allow fabrication of more physiological and predictive three dimensional cellular models of vivo for use in drug efficacy and toxicity screening, fundamental research and, ultimately, in cell therapy.

Dilepix provides Farm Producers with a B2C software platform for agronomic analysis of images and videos, which automates crop and livestock monitoring.

Divincell is biopharmaceutical nanomedicine company, pioneering a novel drug delivery technology for the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases.

Gleamer develops an AI-based workstation to improve radiologists’ accuracy and productivity, using cutting-edge learning algorithms to help radiologists quickly detecting abnormalities.

Greenerwave develops flat panel antennas for satcom & RFID solutions, to simplify wireless communication infrastructures with the ambition to connect everything, everyone, everywhere.

KAER LABS designs, manufactures and sells optical imaging systems for the community of researchers in the fields of pharmaceutical and medical research.

Oenotropic Innovation develops innovative solutions for alcoholic beverages (wines, beer, spirits) based on vegetable extracts to valorise by-products from the food industry.

PrediSurge develops innovative deeptech solutions based on advanced numerical simulation in the field of cardiovascular interventions.

Tortoise develops and commercializes new technologies for analyzing and preventing the failure of materials and structures.

TreeFrog Therapeutics is a Stem Cell company that overcomes current critical manufacturing issues with C-Stem, a 3D scalable solution that will dramatically reduce treatment costs.

Wattson Elements develops Falco, an IoT solution for Marinas. Falco enables Marina Managers with real-time information (berth occupancy and electricity consumption) collected through wireless sensors to optimize berth occupancy and to offer 24/7 surveillance services to their customers.


Launch of NETVA 2019: a training program and exposure to the North American market for young innovative deeptech companies.
April 17, 2019

The Deeptech North America – NETVA program, organized by the Science and Technology Service of the French Embassy in the United States, offers a training and exposure program to the North American market for innovative deeptech start-ups. Its objective is to meet the internationalization needs of French start-ups developing innovative products with high added value.
The call for projects for the 2019 edition is open from April 3 to May 3 on the program’s website:
Some 20 French start-ups, from or backed by research laboratories, will be selected by a jury of French experts, then a North American committee during May 2019. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in a program of personalized support, opportunity analysis and development of technological partnerships in the United States. They will benefit from a tailor-made program:
– An intensive training seminar in Paris, combining group and individual sessions to discover the fundamentals of the North American high-tech market, on June 18, 19 and 20, 2019 ;
– Strategic coaching and an immersion stay in one of the five most dynamic ecosystems in the United States: Texas (Houston, Austin, Dallas), Silicon Valley (San Francisco, Seattle), the Washington D.C. region. (Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.), the Northeast Coast (New York, Rhode Island, Boston) and the Great Lakes region (Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati), during the week of October 15-19, 2018.
NETVA is a unique opportunity for young French companies to benefit from preparation and networking based on the expertise of local players specializing in business development in the United States.

Since 2010, NETVA has supported more than 100 startups. In particular, each promotion has benefited from the help of more than 30 experts to guide them in their search for contacts. Each winner was given around 15 individualized appointments and all were introduced to the large network of contacts at the French Embassy in the United States.
The Science and Technology Service of the French Embassy in the United States relies on the support of partners in France for the implementation of the NETVA program, first and foremost the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Bpifrance, Business France and INRIA.

Press release – Launch of NETVA’19
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Official website of the NETVA program:
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