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Launch of Deeptech North America – NETVA 2022 :

Deeptech North America – NETVA (New Technology Venture Accelerator) is a program that provides personalized support, for opportunity analysis and the development of technological partnerships in the United States for young innovative French startups. Run by the French Embassy’s Science and Technology Office (SST) in the United States (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C.), the program’s goal is to meet the internationalization needs French startups born out of, or backed by research laboratories developing innovative products with high added value.

The thirteenth edition of the Netva Program is supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and Bpifrance. 

The call for applications for the 2022 edition is open from February 1 to March 15 (midnight) on the program website: Netva – New Technology Venture Accelerator (

The NETVA program is aimed at early-stage projects. Companies will be selected by a panel of French and American experts in May 2022.

The winners of the competition will participate in a personalized program in 2 phases:

  1. An intensive training seminar held in Paris in June 2022, on how to approach North American markets. This training seminar will combine group and individual sessions that uncover the fundamentals of the North American high-tech market and a chance to meet investors;
  2. An immersion week in the United States, in the Fall of 2022, in one of the seven most dynamic ecosystems in the United States:
  • Atlanta and the South East (fintech, logistics, medical, smart cities);
  • Boston and New England (biotech, medical, robotics);
  • Chicago and the Great Lakes region (agri-agro, physics-chemistry, engineering, medical);
  • Houston and Texas (energy transition, electronics-IT, medical, aerospace);
  • Los Angeles and Southern California (Life Sciences, biotech, sustainability, geosciences);
  • San Francisco and Silicon Valley (artificial intelligence, digital, data, software;
  • Washington D.C. (cybersecurity, defense, telecommunications, aerospace, federal regulations, govtech, social tech).

During this immersion, the entrepreneurs will participate in workshops to test their business model against the reality of the North American market, with one-on-one meetings with key players in their field of activity and they will be invited to participate in events allowing them to showcase their project.

NETVA is a unique opportunity for young French companies to benefit from preparation and networking with the expertise of local players specialized in business development in the United States.

Since 2010, NETVA has accompanied more than 160 startups in the various North American ecosystems. Each group of entrepreneurs has benefited from the help of numerous experts that have guided them in their search for contacts as well as from the support of NETVA program representatives in each of the clusters. Each winner received about ten one-on-one meetings and was introduced to the extensive network of contacts at the French Embassy in the United States.

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NETVA contacts:

Office for Science & Technology, Consulate General of France in Atlanta

Rami Abi-Akl – Attaché for Science and Technology, Benjamin Boumard – Deputy Attaché for Science and Technology : [email protected] 

Official website of NETVA program –

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About the Office for Science and Technology 

The Office for Science and Technology (SST) of the French Embassy in the United States is a network of 22 agents working at the Embassy in Washington DC and at the Consulates in 6 other cities (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco). Through its various geographical locations, the wide spectrum of topics addressed, and the various programs it implements, the Office for Science and Technology works, among other things, to publicize and promote French science and technology among American actors, it is at the service of French science and technology actors: research organizations, universities and higher education institutions, technology transfer centers, companies, and expatriates of the scientific community.


  • carry out a scientific and technological watch on the advances of American laboratories and research institutes, and serve as an observer of American strategy in certain key areas, particularly in terms of innovation and investment in research and development,
  • initiate or strengthen scientific and technological partnerships through the organization of expert missions and scientific meetings, …
  • promote exchanges of students and researchers through various specific funding programs: Chateaubriand Program, Thomas Jefferson Fund, Bilateral Funds with prestigious American educational and research institutions (Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, University of Texas at Austin),
  • support innovation stemming from academic research by accompanying young French start-ups in their discovery of the American ecosystem and, conversely, by promoting France’s attractiveness to young American innovative companies.


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