San Francisco

A true economic power

In 2017, California ranked fifth in the world in terms of economic wealth, and the San Francisco Bay Area, which encompasses both the city of San Francisco, Berkeley in the East Bay, and the Silicon Valley itself, in the south bay remains more than ever the epicenter of technology, with the cohabitation of information technology giants spanning four successive generations: the "the founding fathers” (HP, Intel), the "elders" (IBM, Apple, Oracle), the "mature" (Google, Facebook, Amazon), and the "new" (Twitter, Netflix, Uber).


The Bay Area brings together all the essential players in any effective innovation ecosystem, elite universities and private investors, specialized law firms, a myriad of support services specializing in technology startups (HR, design, banks, accelerators, media). It is also one of the few places on the planet that manages to generate innovation in fields as diverse as energy and transportation, biotechnology and connected health, digital recreation, educational systems, marine technologies or financial innovation.

This immense concentration of innovation is accompanied by an extraordinary entrepreneurial dynamism, and the region is witness to the birth of several thousand new startups that incorporate emerging technologies each year. Despite the cost of living, transportation difficulties and the cyclical risks of bursting technological bubbles, the Bay Area continues to act as a magnet for cohorts of young entrepreneurs from many countries around the world.

Taming and penetrating the ecosystem

The NETVA laureates in San Francisco will have the opportunity to understand the workings of this unique machine that has continued to produce innovation for over 80 years. The program’s various stakeholders will highlight the unique characteristics of the "Valley culture" and will address some of the issues that are sometimes overlooked (the role of some specialized providers, the importance of digital platforms and contract services, the importance of diasporas). The winners will be able to obtain high quality meetings with technology partners, investors, academic specialists and professional observers within their market segment.

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