Los Angeles

Southern California includes two world-class cities, Los Angeles, considered the "capital" of the region, and San Diego in the south, both are experiencing a significant scientific and technological dynamism.
It is one of the most densely populated regions in the United States with approximately 24 million inhabitants, and it is part of the richest state in the United States, California, which is the 4th largest in the world in terms of GDP.

Los Angeles, an ecosystem of innovation rising to international stature

Historically, the city of Los Angeles was recognized as the world capital of the film and entertainment industry, however in recent years, the innovation, science and technology economy has grown and is now at the forefront of the international scene.
The startup ecosystem is growing rapidly and is beginning to become a major force of influence. There are now more than a hundred Venture Capitals in Los Angeles, about 30 accelerators, about 40 incubators, and more than 70 coworking spaces. This fascinating ecosystem is fostered by an abundant cultural diversity, a high level of education thanks to the presence of major universities that are sources of many talents (including UCLA, USC, CalTech...), strong connectivity, an exceptionally high standard of living, and, historically, a pragmatic spirit directed towards achieving profitability as quickly and efficiently as possible. These assets explain, among other things, why it has the highest rate of the US adult population starting a new business every month.
Industries are oriented towards life sciences, biotechnology, and geosciences. The quantitative importance and growth of the biotechnology sector in Los Angeles suggests that the city could quickly become the next major life sciences and biotechnology cluster in the United States. As sustainable development is promoted at the state level, cleantech is also growing strongly. In addition, Los Angeles has a particular history of innovation in space exploration and geosciences, as it is home to NASA’s R&D centre, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, around which an ever-evolving aerospace industry gravitates.

San Diego, the Silicon Beach with biotechnology at heart

The city of San Diego has one of the largest clusters of biological research institutes (UCSD, Salk Institute, Scripps Research...) in the country. The biotech industry has emerged with patience, long-term vision, a collaborative culture, talented entrepreneurs and venture capitalists looking for opportunities. The location of this activity in the Torrey Pines and La Jolla area has fostered proximity and collaboration and has made it easy for new companies to emerge from a large pool of talents. Today, this concentration of R&D and innovation makes it an ideal meeting place to promote opportunities and projects.

Understanding the Southern California ecosystem

The attractiveness and the economic and scientific importance of the region present many opportunities for start-ups wishing to develop in the United States. In Southern California, NETVA winners will have the opportunity to enter a unique and growing innovation ecosystem that benefits from the optimism of the American West Coast. The speakers will highlight the characteristics of the scientific research and entrepreneurship in Los Angeles and San Diego. Start-ups will benefit from networking with scientific and technology partners, from both the academic and the private sectors, experts and investors.

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