NETVA is directed at young innovative French technological and scientific companies that need to approach the market or technology partners in the United States to ensure their future development.

NETVA is directed at French startups of innovative technologies in all fields, originating from or backed by research laboratories and which intend to develop in North America. This eleventh edition of NETVA is primarily directed at early-stage projects in the fields of artificial intelligence applied to health and industry of the future. Particular attention will be paid to the relevance of the startups’ sector and the strengths of the geographical zone they have selected.

Only high-tech, innovative companies at the startup phase, and small businesses will be considered for this program.

Eligibility criteria:
- Startup or SME: turnover less than €2M ; less than 20 employees
- Highly innovative and/or technological aspect of the products
- Entrepreneur’s skills and motivation
- Need to approach the North American market
- Added value of the program in relation to the company’s development project
- The company’s growth potential and expected benefits in France

NETVA does not target companies that have already approached the North American market: companies that have sales in the North American market or that already have partners. Nor is the program focused on business development.

Is the NETVA program for you?

- Your product has high scientific and technological content
- Your product is not at a pure commercialization stage without an R&D development perspective: projects at the concept and prototype stages will be prioritized
- Your expectations of the NETVA program are not primarily commercial, but focus on building partnerships - including R&D - and finding potential investors and contacts
- You are motivated by the discovery of an ultra-stimulating North American ecosystem that will accelerate your company’s international development
- Your development potential in the United States is important because your sector is growing (no niche market too small or too dispersed)

If you already have a large network of contacts in the United States, the NETVA program may not be right for you: other programs exist to help you.

Costs for the winners

Participation fees:

There is no filing fee. Each winner contributes to cover part of the week’s expenses (trainers and coaches, various rentals) by paying a flat-rate contribution of €2000, payable before the start of your participation in the program. The cost of air travel (organization, booking, payment) is entirely at the expense of the winner.

What is covered by NETVA:

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, through the Service for Science and Technology in the United States, sponsored by Bpifrance and in partnership with INRIA, is responsible for organizing the competition, selection and reception of candidates. Accommodation and food costs on site during the immersion week in the United States (for one person per winning company) are covered. As regards any other costs (transport and car rental on site, participation in social events, specific requests from the winners), different arrangements can be made with the local organizing teams.

Bpifrance, sponsor of the NETVA program, will host the Paris seminar.

Guide: your application in a few steps

- Step 1: Create a candidate account

You can create an applicant account on the registration page. A confirmation email containing your username and password will be sent to you. Afterwards, you can return to the application page at any time by entering your username and password.

- Step 2: Fill in the application form step by step

To apply, you must complete the registration form, which is divided into seven parts:

  • Profile of the NETVA program candidate
  • Your company’s business
  • Your product or service
  • Markets, strategies
  • Legal aspects
  • International
  • NETVA program

You can save the form at any time by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom of the form.

All fields are mandatory unless indicated as optional. Your entire application must be written in English.

- Step 3: Submit attachments

Attachments are required to support your application. While only the candidate’s CV and company logo are required, you have the option of providing other types of documents, including:

  • Business Plan of the company (optional)
  • Business Model Canvas (optional)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (optional)
    These documents must be sent in PDF format, or image (.jpg,.png).

- Step 4: Submission of the application

When you have completed the editing of the application form and attached your documents to your file, you can submit your application by checking the "submit my application file" box at the bottom of the form and then clicking on the "save" button.

After submitting your application, your file will no longer be editable but you can print it.

The Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the United States strives to simplify administrative procedures as much as possible, manages the procedure for selecting companies and its decisions are binding on candidates.

If you have any problems during registration, please contact the NETVA team by sending an email to [email protected].

Twitter @Netva_fr