A powerful economy open to the world

Chicago is the third largest city in the US, population wise and it is situated in North East Illinois. It is the biggest city in the Midwest and is its main economic and cultural center. Chicago is the second industrial center in the US and belongs to the “manufacturing-belt”. The city is also one of the principal financial center in the world and the first agricultural stock exchange center in the world. The price of wheat and soya dor the US are decided in Chicago.

The economical capital of the MidWest with a BNP over 530 billions dollars (4th regional BNP). More than of 25% of the BNP is produced within 300 miles around Chicago with 45% of American consumers living within 4h of the city. Chicago is one of the largest distribution centers in the country : the Chicago region is one of the first air, road and railway centers in the US. The Midwest economy is diversified. Traditionally oriented towards agriculture with companies such as Cargill, ADM, John Deer, Conagra that have developed and supported research, Chicago also possesses strong R&D capacities in the car and metallurgic sectors and is today expanding in sectors such as electronics and pharmacy (Abbott Laboratories, Astellas, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Hospira, AbbVie…).

To the historical domains such as the steel industry, agriculture, industrial and agricultural equipment and electronic appliances new sectors are now taking over such as health and life sciences, web and mobile, telecommunication and information technologies, energy storage, smart grids, clean techs, cyber-infrastructures and industry and technologies for food and food processing…

Chicago and its suburbs hosts several American giants such as: Boeing, MacDonald’s, Abbott, Baxter, United Airlines, Motorala, Kraft… but also several French flagships such as Alcatel-Lucent, Saint Gobain, Veolia Environnement, Safran, Publicis, UBS, Axa assistance…
Because of its exceptional geographic situation, Chicago is one of the major centers of communication for territorial, aerial (2 international airports) or railway traffic.

A tradition for innovation

Chicago has a complete ecosystem for research and innovation : universities, laboratories, incubators, capital venture, networks, technological and innovations hubs…

Since the 1890, Chicago is one of the main cities for research and education around the world. The city has more than 40 universities. Among the top universities : the University of Chicago (Top 9 in the world), The Illinois Institute of Technology, The University of Northwestern, the University of Illinois or University DePaul.

More than 1700 brevets patents are filed each year and the city hosts over 300 R&D structures, 96 Nobels and many recent success stories (Groupon, Careerbuilder, GrubHub, Orbitz…).

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